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ICS is a new Jersey company established in 2003. Our purpose is to conduct business as a controls contractor, to offer quality components and to efficiently operate complex systems. 

From simple heating and cooling plants to complicated building automation systems, ICS is qualified to meet your needs with design, engineering and installation based on years of experience. We take pride in developing lasting partnerships with facility managers and mechanical contractors. We have fine tuned and tested control strategies for all types of HVAC applications. We do turn-key installations, so we make it work right the first time. We are bonded and financially sound.


T&M Associates is afull service Engineering and Environmental Services Company based in New Jersey with 19 offices located across the Country. With our Energy & Utility Services division in the lead, our firm offers a multi-disciplinary perspective to provide our utility, industrial, commercial, transportation, government, education, health care and other clients with specialized knowledge and experience to facilitate the planning, design, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance of various generation, transmission, distribution, substation and communications projects.

Our comprehensive in-house permitting and environmental expertise allows T&M to stream-line the overall execution of a project to achieve creative, comprehensive and customized solutions for our clients, including the implementation of process and operational improvements to meet environmental regulations, reduce energy costs, meet our clients’ scheduling and sustainability goals.

T&M provides the following services:

Site Investigations: Energy Audits, Existing Condition Assessments, Concept Plan, Environmental Impact Analysis, Integrated Contingency Plans, Master Plan

Permitting: Facility Site/Land Use, Electrical Transmission Route, US Army Corps of Engineers, State EPA, Air and Water, Flood Hazard, Hazardous Material, LSRP

Design: Photovoltaic & Solar Thermal Design Systems, Combined Heat & Power/Microgrid, Peak Shaving, Electrical, Civil & Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Analyses, Site Design, Water Supply & Treatment, Instrumentation

Grant/Incentive Programs: Pay for Performance, Energy Savings Improvement Programs, Financial Pro Forma Development, Carbon Footprint Analysis, Grow NJ Assistance Program

Construction: Owner's Agent, Bid Solicitation & Evaluations, Contract Negotiations, Construction Management

For more information please see www.tandmassociates.com.

T&M Associates – Your goal. Our mission.


Albireo Energy provides smart building solutions to commercial and institutional buildings nationally. Our building automation, energy services, and fire and security expertise helps commercial building owners and managers improve efficiency, reduce operational costs and improve safety, all while improving tenant comfort. Through our team of industry leading professionals, Albireo Energy provides exceptional solutions to data centers, labs, military installations, hospitals and other commercial and institutional sectors.


Luthin Associates has been at the forefront of the energy industry for twenty-five years. Since the beginning of deregulation in New York State, we have provided clients with financial energy management consulting services. By providing these services, we help reduce their energy purchasing and facilities’ operational costs through reduced usage or improvements in maintenance and performance.

Today, the energy landscape is changing rapidly to meet the demands of a world that profoundly relies on technology, requires more assurances of  resiliency and reliability, and requires clean energy technologies. Luthin's ongoing engagements are shaped by this "new" energy world. Not only will we work with customers to adapt to these changes, we are in a leadership role which helps influence energy policy and the delivery of energy services through innovative thinking and solutions. 

We offer a wide variety of services to all of the industry sectors predominately in the New York tristate area. We currently conduct business in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Illinois. We are also licensed to conduct business in Maryland. Our key service offerings include energy procurement, bill auditing, regulatory intervention, energy engineering, benchmarking, economic development, RFP management and sustainability planning. Our execution of these services has resulted in realizing more than $500,000,000 in savings for our clients.


With over 1,150 plants and a total of more than 1,350 MW installed across the whole world, AB is the leader in the field of cogeneration and boasts a solid experience in design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of cogeneration systems. AB ECOMAX solutions utilize various gaseous fuel sources including natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, coal bed methane and flare gas for both combined heat and power (CHP) and for Gas to Power applications. AB offers a full range of Service contracts and training along with 24 hour assistance, 365 days a year, which provides remote monitoring of the plant and original replacement parts. The AB protection plan option provides a full maintenance contract which covers both corrective and preventative maintenance along with guaranteed uptime and performance. For companies that want to improve their competitiveness, while saving energy and reducing emissions to the environment, AB offers a relationship based on honesty and trust. Offering a know-how and a production capacity that are unrivalled, AB ensures the excellence of the facilities as well as the highest quality of installation and after-sale assistance. This is because AB is a leader in the field of cogeneration technologies and solutions that contribute to a more virtuous energy, reducing consumption and waste in a way that benefits the competitiveness of enterprises and the environment.


Dual Fuel is a Licensed Master Plumber, Licensed Oil Burner Installer, General Contractor, Coned Multifamily Partner, Coned C&I Partner and Energize NY Pace Contractor that provides oil to gas conversions, combined heat and power systems (CHP), boiler installations, building repipes, heating controls, boiler monitoring, energy supply, energy efficiency retrofits and emergency service to residential and commercial buildings. Dual Fuel is an Equal Opportunity Employer.